I live in north Toronto (Yonge and Avenue Rd), drawing, painting and occasionally taking a break to play the piano (the three B’s — Bach, Brahms and Brubeck). Not a bad way to spend the Covid lockdown. If the weather were better I’d be out biking the Moore Park Trail or hopping the ferry to the Island. But this is probably as good as it’s going to get until the vaccine arrives.

I’ve worked with just about every medium — oils, acrylics, pen and ink, scratchboard, digital — but in recent years I’ve reunited with a long-lost love, watercolours. Like with most relationships it has taken a while to get used to my partner’s quirky habits, but so far it’s going pretty well. (A confession: I still play around with other media.)

I’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years, including Harper/Collins, Time, Entrepreneur, Canada Post, the Royal Canadian Mint, Maclean’s and a ton of design and ad agencies. I was represented for quite a while by Deborah Wolfe in Philadelphia.

I’ve also taught illustration and design at George Brown College and Algonquin College. You can see some of my published writing on the Blog page.

I work fast, never miss a deadline, and produce top-quality work. Call me: 647-521-9358. Or email: alanking641@gmail.com

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